Recite Me User Guide

We have installed the Recite Me accessibility toolbar to allow website visitors to customise the layout to best suit their needs.

Recite Me User Guide

We have installed the Recite Me accessibility toolbar to allow website visitors to customise the layout to best suit their needs. You can find specific guidance on what each button does below, or find out more about Recite Me by visiting their official user guide. If you have any questions or feedback relating to our accessibility, please contact us by email at

You can open the toolbar by clicking on the Accessibility button on the right hand side of your screen. It will appear on every page of our website. If you want to close the toolbar and all of its functions, just click the cross button on the right side. 

Safety Notes

Downloading audio files

If you are using the function to download an audio file, please save the file in a safe place only you have access to. This is something to be mindful of if you share your device with anyone else, or if someone else can access your device in another way.


Translations appearing on the site may have the occasional inaccuracy due to the limitations of the translation software.

Plain text mode

If you are using plain text mode, please be aware that the exit site button does not appear at the side of the page as all design and formatting coding is changed in this version. The link to exit site will be posted at the bottom of each page in plain text mode.

Toolbar Overview

Three buttons from the toolbar: rewind, play, skip forward

Play Audio

Back: Rewind to the previous paragraph of text

Play: Click the Play button to read the text aloud

Forward: Skip forward to the next paragraph of text

Three buttons from toolbar: decrease font size, font changes and spacing, increase font size

Text options

Decrease: Makes the text smaller

Font: Changes the font or increases the line and/or character spacing

Increase: Makes the text larger

Colour, Ruler and Screen Mask

Colour, Ruler and Screen mask 

Colour: Changes the background, text and link colours 

Ruler: Enables an on-screen ruler to help with reading 

Screen Mask: Creates a letterbox for focused viewing on a page 

Dictionary, translation and magnifier

Dictionary, Translation and Magnifier

Dictionary: Highlights a word and click this button for a definition 

Translation: Translate text into over 100 languages. Select the speaker symbol to activate read aloud in that language 

Magnifier: Enables an on-screen magnifier that can be moved with the mouse 

Plain text, margins and audio download

Plain text, Margins and Audio download 

Plain text: View the website without images 

Margins: Narrows the width of the paragraphs 

Download audio: Highlights wanted text and click this button to begin downloading it as an audio file (MP3) 

Settings, reset and user guide

Settings, Reset and User Guide 

Settings: Turns off autoplay and allows you to select the reading speed and customise the voice 

Reset: Restores to default settings 

User guide: Gives you an overview of the toolbar 

Keyboard shortcuts

Tab to move to the next toolbar button. 

Shift+Tab to go backwards 

Spacebar to select a button and to change toggles 

ctrl+right – play next element 

ctrl+left – Play previous element 

ctrl+alt+p – play the current element 

ctrl+alt+f – show font menu 

ctrl+alt+c – show theme menu 

ctrl+r – enable/disable ruler 

ctrl+d – enable/disable dictionary 

ctrl+l – show translation languages 

ctrl+x – enable/disable text-only mode 

ctrl+m – show page margin settings 

ctrl+shift+o – show/disable settings menu 

ctrl+s – save settings 

Accessibility Exit Site